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Wide angle imaging projection lens / Dynamic pattern projection effect


  • Wide beam angle up to 56 degrees, fixed focus

  • High resolution, short light path

  • High uniformity of spot and dynamic pattern projection e.g. rotating the gobo.

  • Good for mid&low-power compact-size LED gobo projector.

IMM28-F56 water ripple projection lighting effect规格书英文版_00.png

Fig1, Use IMM28-F56 to build one projector to projec the water ripple effect

IMM28-F56P gobo fish projection规格书英文版_00.png

Fig2, use IMM28-F56P to build one gobo fish projector, three fishes rotating

LED required: luminous surface ≤Φ11mm, small luminous surface helps obtain higher imaging quality

Converging lens set: IMMDX3035

Iris: ≤Φ28mm

Angle: fixed focus, 56 degrees


  • IMM28-F56: N/A

  • IMM28-F56P: Yes, triple prism

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